Our story

ELBE was founded in 1987. Thanks to the skills of its workers, the quality of the products has been recognized by the market and today, ELBE stands as a safe and reliable partner in industrial automation and design of automations for doors and gates.

Our goal

ELBE offers its own electronics dedicated to automatic doors and gates (equipped with transmitters, receivers, safety photocells, …); with exclusive and dedicated products. We supply prestigious and well-known brands in the industry. Our goal is to offer customized products that integrate perfectly with the movement system, guaranteeing the correct functioning and reliability of the automation.


ELBE also offers design and manufacturing services for custom products dedicated to industrial automation.
Hardware can be designed and manufactured using traditional technology (PTH) or SMT surface mount, depending on power, space and cost requirements. Design development is performed in accordance with industry standards. We offer the possibility of realization of both the firmware residing on the microprocessor and the possible software on a PC for calibration and monitoring of the board, all developed following the “state of the art” both in terms of instruments and technology.

Why should you choose us

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